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In March 2021, when we were all cooped up in our homes, the idea of building 5feet11 came to my mind. The idea was simple and honest: Fashion for everyone. For far too long, I struggled with getting the types of clothes I would enjoy wearing; something that would replicate my style. I knew people quite faced the same problem and that’s when I had my eureka moment!

Fashion beyond boundaries. Because in its truest sense, fashion holds no bar. Just like us.

We started off and knew there was no looking back. We started with a few pieces and outsourced our production. Today, we have our own production unit in Delhi, enabling us to bring pieces to you that truly match our vision and your wardrobe. We’ve tried to be the fresh breath of air that fashion in India needs.

Apart from this, it was imperative for me to have affordable products that deliver quality. They aren’t just affordable but super comfortable as well. For over 2 years, I overlooked the brand (almost) myself and now I have a small team based out of Delhi, that has ensured we deliver with our brand every day. That we don’t lag a single day.

Needless to say, making the brand homegrown was on the slate from Day 1. We are a truly, fully ‘Made in India’ brand, for India. For you, for every outfit, for your every day.

I sincerely hope 5feet11 brings a pop of color, subtlety or whatever you want for your wardrobe to your doorstep.

We have been delivering since 2021
To forever.

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