Bringing the genuine touch and feel of the luxurious Indian craftsmanship with our very own collection of Chikankari embroidered shirts for your impeccable taste.

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    Aarzoo 899

    Embrace the allure of festivity and sophistication with the ‘Aarzoo’ shirt. Adorned in a mesmerizing magenta pink hue, this shirt features an ikkat-inspired print that seamlessly blends delicate white and regal purple shades. The intricate design exudes a timeless class, making it the ideal choice for any festive occasion. Let the ‘Aarzoo’ Shirt elevate your style, bringing together cultural elegance and modern sophistication, all in one exquisite piece.

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    Basant Bahar 899

    Introducing ‘Basant Bahar’ – shirt that’s a true celebration of spring’s ultimate beauty! With its vibrant colors of blue and orange dancing on an ivory canvas, it’s a vivid portrayal of the blooming season. Just like the name suggests, ‘Basant Bahar’ brings the essence of a colorful and cheerful spring to your wardrobe. It’s not just a shirt; it’s a breath of fresh air and a burst of sunshine in your style collection. Get ready to embrace the beauty of ‘Basant Bahar’ and make every day feel like a sunny spring morning!

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    Boteh 899

    Ahoy there, fashion fans! Presenting to you, the most far-out boteh printed shirt in the galaxy! Our Boteh Shirt is a groovy statement piece that’ll have you feeling like a psychedelic dream. These have the most colorful and trippy boteh patterns that’ll have you standing out in the crowd. They’re perfect for hitting up festivals, raves, or just a day out in the town. Peace, love, and grooviness to you all!

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    Chaand Baaliyan 1,499

    Elevate your style with this striking magenta pink shirt adorned with crescent moon-like cuttings that resembles ‘Chaand Baaliyan’. It is a statement piece designed to make you shine at any event or party. With its pop of color and exquisite cutwork, it captures attention and admiration effortlessly. Embrace the art of ‘Chaand Baaliyan,’ where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary fashion, ensuring you stand out and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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    Cobalt & Corals 899

    Introducing ‘Cobalt and Corals’ – the shirt that’s a symphony of color and a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe! Its blue base, adorned with a playful mix of floral and fern prints in various sizes and shapes, will take your breath away. With vibrant pops of red-orange blooms, it’s a visual treat that magically lifts your spirits. The name says it all – ‘Cobalt and Corals’ is a stunning display of harmonious color play. If you’re a fan of bright and fun colors, this shirt is your style ticket to make a statement wherever you go. Get ready to sport the joy of ‘Cobalt and Corals’ and let your vibrant side shine!

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    Desi Pride 899

    Urge you to spice up your wardrobe with our floral boteh print shirt! Featuring a unique and eye-catching pattern in shades of green, pink, and beige, this shirt is the perfect blend of classy and new age. The boteh print adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, while the bold colors and elaborate design make it a statement piece. So now don’t settle for boring anymore!

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    Genda Phool 899

    Feel the true Indian charm with this off-white shirt adorned in a delicate ‘Genda Phool’ print, evoking a sense of tradition and celebration. The intricate floral pattern blooms across the fabric, radiating a timeless Desi Indian vibe. Crafted from soft cotton, this shirt ensures comfort beyond compare, making it the perfect choice for festivals, outings, vacations, and even some wedding functions. With every stitch, this shirt embraces the richness of Indian culture, adding a touch of elegance and joy to your every step.

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    Gul-Posh 1,499

    Introducing the ‘Gul-Posh’ Off-White Cutwork Shirt. Get ready to shine your way through with this exquisite off-white shirt adorned with intricate embroidered floral cuttings, reminiscent of the artful craftsmanship of chikankari. The ‘Gul-Posh’ shirt is the perfect choice for any fancy event or special occasion, exuding an aura of timeless sophistication. With just the right amount of flair and a touch of ‘rizz,’ this shirt allows you to shine brightly, making a statement that’s both refined and memorable.

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    Gulaabo 899

    Meet ‘Gulaabo’ – the shirt that’s as bold and beautiful as a garden of big red roses! Adorned with these striking blooms on a deep black canvas, it’s a stunning fashion statement. But that’s not all; ‘Gulaabo’ offers more than just style. Its fabric is as soft as butter, and it exudes an extra touch of luxury. When you wear ‘Gulaabo,’ you’re not just wearing a shirt; you’re wearing a work of art that’s absolutely luxe and create a statement. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with ‘Gulaabo’!

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    Gulbadan 899

    Introducing ‘Gulbadan,’ the shirt that’s as amusing as its name! With its vibrant magenta pink base adorned with whimsical Ikkat motifs in shades of blue and green, it’s a true fashion fiesta. This masterpiece is your secret weapon to dazzle during festivities – add a splash of color and burst of style wherever you go. We’re here to remind you that life’s too short for gloomy days. So, take a step forward and bring ‘Gulbadan’ home before it’s too late. Let the celebrations begin in style, because with this shirt, you’ll be the life of the party!

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    Gulbahar 1,499

    Sunshine Blooms in Tie-Dye Cutwork Shirt: Introducing ‘Gulbahar’ – Embrace the vibrant spirit of the festive season with this captivating shirt featuring a yellow tie-dye base adorned with intricate floral cutwork. The dynamic fusion of colors and patterns captures the essence of joy and celebration, making it an ideal choice for festive occasions and day events. Whether you’re strolling along the beach or attending a vacation soiree, Gulbahar is your perfect companion, radiating positivity and style wherever you go.

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    Guldasta 1,499

    Up your style game with this black base shirt adorned in exquisite flower cuttings and delicate embroidery that stretch the entire length of the fabric. Our ‘Guldasta’ shirt is a floral masterpiece that’s perfect for fancy parties, special occasions, or even a memorable date night. Whether you’re attending a soiree or simply seeking to make a statement, this shirt becomes your go-to choice, radiating an air of elegance and charm that’s both timeless and captivating.

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    Gulistan 1,499

    Have a look at our ‘Gulistan’ Cutwork Shirt: A harmonious blend of nature and elegance, the Gulistan shirt captures the essence of a serene garden with its delicate floral vine cuttings that adorn every inch of the shirt. The soothing sage green hue adds a touch of tranquility, making it the perfect choice for any daytime event or function where you want to be the head-turner. Elevate your ensemble with the Gulistan shirt’s intricate cutwork, a masterpiece that seamlessly marries charm and sophistication.

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    Gulshan 1,199

    Looking pretty isn’t a task anymore. Your favorite color pink is here to rule again. Gulshan is your go-to shirt for a pretty day look. Pair it with your favorite pair of denims or trousers and hit the streets with a heart full of happiness. Afterall, baharein phool barsa rahi hain kyuki unka mehboob jo aa gaya hai.

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    Gulzaar 899

    Feel yourself amidst the rich tapestry of Indian heritage with this exquisite rust orange base shirt adorned in intricate floral vines and motifs, drawing inspiration from the enchanting art of Kalamkari. The ‘Gulzaar’ shirt beautifully encapsulates the essence of Indian culture and elegance, making it an impeccable choice for both festive occasions and ethnic celebrations. With every print & pattern, this shirt reflects the depth of Indianness, allowing you to shine brightly and exude a timeless charm wherever you go.

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